Ethic Investors: Crowdfunding inmobiliario en Barcelona
Somos los primeros en invertir en cada una de nuestras oportunidades inmobiliarias. Creemos en ellas, por eso te las ofrecemos.

Jose Rodriguez Franco | CEO

Ethic Investors bridges the gap between real state and any person who wants to make their savings more profitable with the maximum cost effectiveness fully on the web.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Real Estate Investment


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A platform where humans are the best asset

Our technology has allowed us to share our business model with you, making it easy for you to invest whenever you want, wherever you want.

However, our greatest asset is our team of professionals behind it. They are in charge of finding the best opportunities, securing the investment process and delivering it to you.


We operate under the CNMV government agency regulations

Investing in properties is 100% secure via our online platform with Ethic Investors All of your data, your bank transactions as well as your investment are governed by the regulations and protocols of Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), fulfilling the requirements of law 5/2015 of April 27 for the promotion of business financing. We work through a Plataforma de Financiación Participativa (PFP) authorized by this legal entity.

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